Review of A Woman Recharged by Rose Blackerby

Good Wednesday all! And how nice to come back after my little break! I had an awesome time promoting Erin, but it’s nice to get back into the reviewer’s seat again for a while. Today I am reviewing A Woman Recharged! You can grab your copy here from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Diamond Rose is a daydreamer. What if her fondest daydream comes true? Something so out of the realm of possibility, her fantasy didn’t stand a chance of preparing her for the reality.

Maybe then she can have the life she was supposed to live…maybe…if she doesn’t try to drag her old life with her.

This is a story of a woman, suffering from low self-esteem, who believes beauty will bring her the happiness that has been eluding her. If you enjoy reading about the empowerment of a woman who finds her way to inner peace and happiness you will love A Woman Recharged.

Daniel dries Diamond’s feet:

Diamond endured the cold spray of water as she stood in the outside shower stall situated in one corner of the terrace. The shower was cordoned off from full view of passersby with walls of glass blocking. Daniel was waiting just outside the stall with a huge, heated towel. Dripping wet and clad in the bikini she had worn under her fleece jogging suit, she stepped out into the cool night air. He moved in close. Starting from her top, he slowly rubbed the towel down her chilled and shaking body. When he got to her feet, he knelt down and drew her right foot toward him. He dried it so carefully and lovingly, feelings of being cold melted away. His hand cradled the under palm softly as he gently dried each toe. He lowered her foot with a lingering touch and reached for her other one. Diamond found herself wishing she had more than two. The sensation was so delicious, goose bumps traveled up her leg and her body gave a hard shiver.
“Feeling a bit more chipper?” He looked up at her from his kneeling position. His lifted eyebrows managed to make him look both comic and sardonic at the same time. He had recognized her shiver for what it was; one of enjoyment…perhaps desire.

Michael and Rainn :

“Whoa. All that thar book learnin and you don’t know two bits?” Michael shook his head in mock disbelief.
“Oh, wait a minute. My dad used to sing a line from some silly song. It went: ‘Shave and a haircut…two bits’. I always thought the two bits part meant it was two things.”
Michael looked puzzled. “What?”
“You know. A shave and a haircut. I thought those two things were the two bits.”
The sidewalk had leveled out to an even grade and Michael sprinted ahead of her. He turned around and faced her, walking backwards. His body jiggled with suppressed laughter.
“Alright. Say what you have to,” she said, eying him warily.
His laugh burst forth. “You egomaniac! You decided you knew what it was without asking?”
She thrust her chin out. “I’m just confident that’s all. Anyway, obviously its an amount of money. Are you going to tell me how much, or are you going to keep jumping around backwards like a monkey on a string?”
He turned and fell back in step next to her. “Depends.”
“On what?”
“On if you spend more than two bits on me for lunch.”
“I don’t know if you’re worth that much.”
“You still don’t know how much it is.”
Michael let out his first real belly-laugh in over two years. Surprise washed over him at how good it felt.
“I have an idea. Let’s go to my house for lunch. I’m sure I have some moldy bread and cheese lying around.”
“Wow, you sure know how to win a girl’s heart.”
Rainn held her breath when they neared the old reservoir field. She waited to see if his mood would change. It didn’t.
“Yep, we could deep fry the cheese sammiches in the hunk o’ lard I bin savin for jest the right occasion,” he went on.
“Yum,” she said. “I can hardly wait.

Excerpt is copyright of Rose Blackerby

Good Points

First off, I would like to say this book is much more than a simple romance novel. This is the story of a woman’s transformation, and how that changes her outlook on the world. The characters were vivid and alive, and I loved that they used a very normal dialogue. Lots of stories can be too formal with their characters, but Rose Blackerby has hit the balance exactly. The storyline was unique, and flowed very well, without jumping about too much, or leaving the reader yawning.  This is very much a character-driven story, and the characters kept the novel steaming along very nicely. The romance was touching and heart-felt, and real emotion was poured into it.

Bad Points

The only thing that left me a little confused was the occasional jump from the narrative to what the main character was thinking in her own head. In some places it was a little confusing to work out where it began and ended, and I had to re-read a few sentences. While this wasn’t a huge issue, it did disrupt my reading flow a little.


I thought this book was a great read. It was a romance, but far from the usual romance, and much more than that. It was one of those books that at the end left you thinking a little over everything that had happened. I enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it to anyone who loves romances, and also to those who think they won’t, but love character-driven stories. Trust me, you will. 🙂

I give this book……4/5  Stars!