Review of Sea Change by Paul Fox

Good moooorning everyone! Had your coffee yet? Your toast? Well what are you doing, go and grab it now! And then come back here, settle into your chair, and enjoy today’s book review. Today I’m reviewing Sea-Change by Paul Fox, a fantasy novella.


A young bride-to-be, betrayed by her fiancé, escapes her captors and makes use of ancestral lore to change her dismal fate and seek revenge.  By invoking the ancient powers, she becomes, in fact, the son her father never had.  But she has only two weeks, until the time of the new moon, to get back to her home country and confront her betrayer before the spell ends and she becomes a woman again.


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Good Points

I loved the descriptions in the novella, especially those of the little world that had been created for it. They were very vivid, and full of rich discoveries on every page. I also liked the use of accents and ‘old’ language in the book; so many authors are afraid to use them for fear of using them to much-or indeed at all. But Mr Fox has done a wonderful job of including them here. The story was interesting, and very original, and it was fantastic to read, the imagination firing throughout the book. The dialogue between the characters drove the story, and was realistic and you could hear the voices ringing through the pages.


Bad Points

Although I understand this is a novella, and so a lot shorter than a novel, I still felt it was a little rushed in parts. There were several actions scenes, namely the first few pages, and where Selena jumps from the boat, where I thought it would have been nice to have more tension; in order to create some drama. I also found the naming of the character a little  odd to keep up with. Without giving away any spoilers, I thought it was hard to keep up with one name when the character had changed in a certain way, and then it was a different name again later on.



I thought this was a very original idea, and very imaginative. It was a great story about revenge and the moral compass of this, creating a novella that kept me gripped until the end. I did really enjoy this story, but I felt that the points mentioned above were quite significant, as it made me ‘come out’ of the story a little when it lost drama. I really felt this would have been a great novel instead, if it had been fleshed out more and added to. Overall, it was a great read, and I would recommend it to fans of fantasy for a quick read.

I give this novella……3.5 Stars!