What Lifts Me Up…And How To Make Everyone Happy On My Blog Today!

Please read all the way to the bottom, I have something to cheer you up down there! 😀

Okay, I originally sat down to write a post about reviews, after receiving both a good and bad review for my books. (Mainly because I’m suspicious of the bad review on Amazon.co.uk for Conner, purely because it is the only review the reviewer has done, and it basically sounds like they didn’t even read it…but I digress.)

But then I realised that although I thought it would do me good to vent my frustrations, it would also make me feel worse because I would dwell on it. So, I decided to write a post about what cheers me up, instead.

If I ever do get bad reviews, I scream into the sofa cushions, and eat half a bar of chocolate in one go. Not good for the sofa cushions, poor things. There really isn’t much else I can do, as I refuse to answer to any review, as I don’t see it as very professional. But there are (unfortunately) a plethora of other  things that can get a writer down a little. And we all know what happens then, don’t we? Yup, the dreaded ‘P’ word…….procrastination. O_o *shiver*

For example, when I started out with this self-publishing lark, I would get incredibly excited at just one sale, and then incredibly depressed when there had been a few days without any sales. Now, of course, I have taught myself not to worry too much about these figures. Amazon’s mess-ups with sales figures aside, I find that a few days with nothing lead to a lot of days with something, and the whole  week balances itself out again.

So how does one cheer oneself up from the black hole of writing despair? Oops, sorry, I got a bit possessed by the Queen there. Well, I’m sure everyone has their own little ways of dealing with it, but I find that two things help the most. No, one of them isn’t chocolate. Not everything in life is about chocolate, you know? I find that the first thing is music. I used to be in a band a long time ago, and I still like to have a little sing-song every now and then. (Well, it was a Gothic rock/metal band, so it was more likely to be a scream or roar than a sing-song, but you get what I mean!) Find the right piece of music, and it can lift you into a realm of happiness.

The other thing is simple-writing. When I’m depressed, I don’t always feel like writing, and yet I know it’s the one thing that can make me feel happy again. It’s part of the reason that I decided to do my novellas over the next year in-between  my novels; because I understand that not only do I need to build up my book ‘collection’, but also for another reason. I have two ways of dealing with things that upset me in life, and only one of those ways is used exclusively for writing.

My first (and pretty much usual) way of dealing with things that upset me, is to deal with them head on. I value honesty above all else, and sometimes I can almost be too brutal with the truth! Luckily, those that know me know that I’m a sweetie really, and my honesty is only because I would rather be honest than hurt them; as I feel that dishonesty will always hurt people more than anything. So when something that hurts me that I can’t respond to, such as a bad review, it kills me because I can’t deal with it in my usual way.

So my second way of dealing with things that upset me is to try and forget about it. My mind wanders an awful lot, (as if most of you hadn’t guessed!) and I tend to dwell on things. When I was very little, the only thing that would take my mind off bad things happening around me, would be to get lost in a book. Now I’m older, and have ravaged most of my book collection several times over, I like to get lost in my own stories. So I  write them to life, and disappear amongst the character’s voices and the imaginary landscapes. Sometimes I manage to bang out some of my best writing when I’m upset!

Hmm….this wasn’t meant to be about a bad review, but ended up that way anyway. Told you my mind wanders. 🙂

So, here is your task for today. and this will sound like a load of rubbish, but I want to try and make everyone happy today if they visit this post. Now I want you to follow this list, no slacking now! 😀

1. Smile. However ridiculous it feels, smile.

2. Now think about something that made you feel really happy, whatever you like. Focus on it and remember tastes, touches, everything! Keep smiling while you think about it.

3. Listen to this while you read the rest of this list. And I mean listen to all of them, don’t stop listening until you catch yourself doing a little dance. 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9EA42E8734D60AA6&feature=mh_lolz

4. Look at these pictures below while you listen, guarantee a few laughs! And you’re welcome, have a good day! 😀 x

*Psst, if you really want to cheer me up you can always buy one of my books! Just kidding! But not really. 😀