We Are The Few – In Kindle Scout Now!

Hey everyone! 😀

Sorry I haven’t been on the blog a lot the last few weeks, but I’ve got some good personal stuff happening at the moment (news coming soon, but not yet! 😉 ). However, I have got some news to share with you all! I currently have my newest written book in Kindle Scout, and I’m hoping it’s good enough to get picked up by Amazon and published with them.

But you guys can help!

I would give you all the internet cookies in existence if you give We Are The Few a nomination by CLICKING HERE. If it gets selected for publication, YOU GET A FREE COPY! Yup, so nothing to lose. Here’s a little more about the book:


A search for a brother in a broken world.

Freda is a survivor. But so is everyone out in the wastes. When the Illness and the Big Hit came, millions perished. Only those strong enough to fight can continue to live. Travelling through a broken Yorkshire, Freda finds other lost souls like herself. A dying woman searching for answers. And a man still making up for his parents’ deaths. But her journey only has one destination. And this time, she might not survive.