Review of A Matter of Degree by Beckie Henderson

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure we’re all already doing the countdown to the weekend, but just wait a little longer! Now get settled with your coffee or tea, and something nibbly, and read on to see my review for A Matter of Degree…..


Like a bit of romance? Like a bit of mystery? Then “A Matter of Degree” is for you!

When Katherine Valletta starts her new job at Deerhampton University, it’s clear that this is no normal workplace. Why has someone left an anonymous letter on her desk? Who is the arrogant woman who almost runs her down in that flashy sports car? And, most importantly, what is the story behind the handsome man whose arms she falls into on her way home?

As Katherine attempts to unravel these puzzles, her confidence and her self-knowledge grow, along with her relationships. She builds an unlikely friendship with Diana Woolf, Deerhampton’s tough new Professor of History. Fred Morris, the Admissions Tutor with a penchant for gaudy ties and knitted tank tops, seems like a useful ally. While in the midst of all the mayhem, Maddie Rose is a voice of reason, supporting her colleague Katherine all the way.

And in the background hovers sultry Biology Lecturer Chris Burberry. The more Katherine sees him, the more she likes him. But what does he want? What’s in his past? In fact, what does Katherine really know about him at all?

This witty, light-hearted novel is a great holiday read. Written in bite-sized chunks, it is also ideal for devouring on the move—while travelling to work, or when waiting for your kids to finish their swimming/piano/karate lessons, for example…


You can grab your copy here at Amazon US, and Amazon UK.


Good Points

Chick-lit romance is not normally my genre of choice when reading, but this one sounding so interesting, I thought I would give it a go. I found the writing flowed really well, and overall it was light and witty. The characters were vivid, and the dialogue between them was believable and fun. I especially liked Katherine, the main protagonist. In most romance novels, I end up wanting to slap the heroine at some point, but Katherine was amusing and sharp, and you could empathise easily with her. There is also an added mystery to this novel, which helped to move it along with something other than just the romance, which I found refreshing. I was kept guessing about ‘whodunnit’ the whole way until it was all revealed later on. I also loved the University setting, I thought it was beautifully described.


Bad Points

Although it was enjoyable it was such a light read, I personally would have preferred a little more ‘weight’ to the story. But that is just a personal preference, and I understand that people who read this genre regularly would probably like this.  I also would have liked it to be a little longer, I thought parts of the mystery could have been built up more if this was the case.



I thought this was a perfect book for light reading, for example if you were on holiday or just chilling in the garden for the day. I did enjoy it, and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading contemporary women’s fiction, but want the added twist of another genre mixed in. The writing was very good, and I can’t wait to see what else this author comes out with!

I give this novel……4/5 Stars!