About Me

I’m Miranda Stork, and I’m addicted. Addicted to writing and reading books, anyway. And chocolate, but that’s another issue – no interventions, please.

I live in the middle of a forest in North Yorkshire, spending my spare time as the wild woman of the woods, scaring small children and upsetting the sheep. On the days that I feel like being civilized, or I haven’t got any unicorns to ride, I sit down and pour the tumbling thoughts in my head out onto digital paper. Mainly the thoughts and characters come out in paranormal form, with a good smattering of romance, because everyone likes a good cuddle. But you can also find strong elements of thrillers, myths, and even dystopia amongst the pages of all my novels.  I’ve wanted to write books ever since I first realised that fairytales were not the newspapers of the fairy kingdom, but the imaginings of actual people who wanted to tell fancy made-up stories to other people. From that moment, I was hooked.

Why do I write? Good question. It might be easier to just keep the stories in my head, or even just to write them for myself. But I want to share them. There is no greater delight for a writer than when a reader devours your book, and declares, “Something in that novel resonated with me. And I want MORE.” So grab your lucky clover and a baseball bat (there’s some nasty paranormal creatures where we’re going), eat the cookie with ‘eat me’ tagged on it, and enter through the tiny door into the world of Miranda Stork…


My blog: https://mirandastork.com/

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/authormirandastork

My Twitter thingumagig: https://twitter.com/Mirandastork

My Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/writerofshadows/


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The book that terrified me as a child was the Amityville Horror. I think that’s because it’s (supposedly) based on a true story. At the age of fourteen me and a friend managed to blag our way into the cinema to watch The Exorcist. It totally freaked me out…so I’m really glad I didn’t read the book. I only plucked up the courage to read Stephen King’s classic The Shining last year! Love your website – interesting with great visuals!
    Best of luck with your writing, from Graham J. Sharpe (a fellow writer and northerner who’s moved down south).

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  3. The movie that scared me was Rosemary’s baby, I never read the book, I assume it would be even more terrifying… Love, love, love the scary stuff. Your BlogSite is beautiful!

    • I never get really scared by a lot of movies-but reading the exorcist certainly made the movie a lot scarier! Rosemary’s baby is pretty freaky, the old couple in the apartment give me the heebie-jeebies! *shudder* and thank you hun, much appreciated! 😀

  4. I never rad the book, but I simply cannot watch the movie The Exocist- it feels way to real to me. I saw it once and that did it forme. I also feel that way about a lot of stephen King movies.. Just scares the bejeebers out of me!!!!

  5. Mmmm, Wuthering Heights (the bleak and the bare and the beautiful). By the time I was reading Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, etc., I was seriously horror hardened. Although when Exorcist, the movie, came out, I did have to turn on all the lights in my apartment after watching . . .

    • I’ve got to admit, although I don’t find it as scary as the book…I still refuse to watch it alone. Just in case! LOL Wuthering Heights is an amazing book, haven’t read it for years now. I might have to dig out the dusty books at the back of my shelves again. 😀

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