A Day In The Life Of…

Are you a writer, cover designer, editor, or publisher? Do you have as eccentric a routine for your days as people think creatives do? Then tell them about it!

This is a new kind of post over here at Notes On A Page, where we will follow writers, and everyone involved with them, over the course of a day. We want to hear about how you deal with the writing process, how you wake up, and all the wile and wacky things you get up on an average workday. Or an not-so-average workday!

Appearing on the blog can be good for opening you up to more readers or followers as well, as I currently have 7000+ followers on my blog. It’s a fun thing to do, fun for them to read, and can be a personal touch that can let more readers know you’re out there and working hard to make more awesome books.

If you want to take part, simply write a post of 1000-2000 words about your day, from the first coffee to the last slump on the sofa, and send it as an attachment to mirandastork@gmail.com. Please put ‘A Day In The Life Of Post’ and your name in the subject matter, so I can spot it straight away and it doesn’t go into ‘spam’. They will be posted as and when I get them, so send them over whenever you like!

Don’t forget to include (in the body of the email) your author links, your books, the links where they can be found, and an author photo if you want one putting up.

Happy Writing! 🙂 To see our current ‘A Day In The Life Of’ posts for ideas, please click below.

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4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of…

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    • Awesome! 😀 Just send it over whenever you’re ready, hun, I always just put them up as and when I get them. (Unless they’re like Dani’s and part of a tour, obviously LOL)

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