Authors’ only group. Street team for authors only.

For the ‪authors‬ – have you just started out with ‪‎writing‬? Are you stuck on getting the words flowing again? Want some new tips from a friendly bunch of authors? Are you out of wine?

Then come look at our new group! 🙂 A ‪street‬ ‪team‬ by authors, for authors. ‪Helpful‬ ‪advice‬, ‪‎tips‬, and silliness all the way.

Caroline F Levy

This is just a quickie post. A shout out to all of my author friends out there…

I Was sat messaging an author friend of mine a few weeks back, as you do.  Bouncing ideas off from one another, when Karen said… “instead of chatting here, and keeping all these yummy ideas to ourselves, why don’t we set up an author street team?”

After a little mulling over, some more chatting, and thinking would anyone be interested we did it,. We have been very original and called it Authors’ street team…. At the moment it is a very select group of very different writers. By that I mean our genres, age, and even where we live vary. If you were to snap me like a rock, you would read Paranormal Romance deep into my centre. With Karen she is Romantic histories. I will be a sweetie and share a couple of…

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