Wednesday Writer Tip – Use Your Senses!

Definitely something that I love in all books. Never be afraid to go all sensory on your characters. 🙂


It’s time to get back into the groove with my weekly writer tips! They may not come directly from me every week, but they are tips worth sharing – so hopefully you will appreciate them and find them useful! *wink, wink*

This week I’d like to talk about sensory description. For your book. Because it’s important. Why? Readers use their imagination to direct your story in their head…and in order to do this with the best possible experience, they need to be able to SENSE everything your characters do.

Make sure to experiment with these senses in your story:

  • Sense SightSight– Probably the most used in writing. What do your characters look like…what does the environment in a particular scene look like? Don’t forget to describe this with restrained flare. Meaning – let your reader use your visual descriptions to help form their own opinion on ‘looks’. Use colors, textures…

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