Cover Reveal For Nikki’s Revenge!

Morning, lovely people! 🙂 Today we have the cover reveal of Nikki’s Revenge, the newest book of Caroline F Levy! Don’t forget to scroll right down to see how you can take part too.


If there is one thing Nikki Palomar is sure of, it’s that she has cop blood running through her veins.  Growing up, Nikki never knew what happened to her father, apart from one fact—he was killed on the job. Darwin Palomar has been a forbidden subject all her life, but all this has done is fuel her thirst for answers.Will Nikki find what she is looking for? Or will she discover the one thing her mother never wanted her to know?

Joining the force, and working in the serious crimes unit is all Nikki has ever wanted to do. Looking for answers about her father’s death, while achieving the highest conviction rate within the department, Nikki is a rising star.  Until the day she comes upon Bret Channing. There is something not quite right about him.  Nikki just can’t put her finger on what, but her inner cop is screaming at her, something is defiantly wrong.  Never mind he is the Businessman of the Year, or is in tight with her boss, the chief of police. Nikki has vowed to investigate him, and much to her partner of two years’ dismay, she is not going to drop it.

Nikki has been on the Woodlands Pack’s watchlist all of her life.  When Alex discovers Nikki has been investigating Bret Channing, he takes his concerns to Marius, their Alpha. But will they be able to protect Nikki? Or will she become a wolf?



To take part in the contest to win a copy of Nikki’s Revenge, simply click on this link here, (which will take you to Facebook) and share it on your own page. That’s it! Good luck, everyone! 🙂

Released 6th November – Grab it from these places! (Pre-order from some places)

Amazon US

Amazon UK



Moon Rose Publishing


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