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Morning everyone! We’ve got a fantastic post to cheer up your Monday over here. Not only do we have the lovely Susan Griscom with us in celebration of her new release, Reflections, but we also have an interview with the lady herself, and a review of the book! So sit and enjoy 🙂

Regan Walsh was born Susan Marie Whittaker, in a small town in Pennsylvania. Under the name, Regan Walsh she writes the popular paranormal-urban fantasy, Whisper Cape, series and writes young adult and mainstream under her married name, Susan Griscom.
Her paranormal playing field delves into a different milieu, abandoning vampires and werewolves, but not discounting them. Someday she might like to write a novel about vamps and those furry creatures. But for now she likes the bizarre mixed with romance. A strong hero or heroine confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers and capabilities gets her blood running hot.
She enjoys traveling. She hates running, but does it once in a while. Reading and writing are her favorite pastimes.
A quote from Susan:
I daydream often and sometimes my daydreams interrupt my daydreams. So I write to remember them. If I didn’t write, I think my mind would explode from an overload of fantasy and weirdness. To the annoyance of my friends and family, my characters sometimes become a part of my world. During my childhood, I would frequently get in trouble in school for daydreaming. Eventually, my vivid imagination paid off and I had the privilege of writing and co-directing my sixth-grade class play–a dreadful disaster, though not from my writing, of course, I must blame it on the acting.

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Hello Susan, it’s a pleasure to have you here, welcome to my blog! Your novel, Reflections, sounds really interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

Reflections is book two in the Whisper Cape Series. A paranormal romance mixed with super-powerful humans and a heavy dose of love. I’ve heard parts are a little hot and steamy, but that’s all subjective. Reflections picks up right where Whisper Cape leaves off, but with Maia and Gerry’s story.

So what inspired this novel?

The first one, Whisper Cape. LOL. Actually, Whisper Cape was originally a stand-alone book, but after I completed it and several people read it, I was encouraged to continue with another book. Now, Reflections is number two and there is a third book, A Secret Fate, working in my head. There maybe a fourth book or a spin off with one of the characters. I’ll have to check with them to see what happens.

Ooh…lots to come then! So what books do you read? Do you read books in your genre, or books very different from it?

I read a variety of different genres, but mostly all romance, so I guess I read genres close to what I write or I write what I like to read, whichever way you want to look at it.

When did you realise you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?
Hmmm… Actually, I sold cell phones for years and when my husband and I sold the stores I didn’t know what to do, so I decided I wanted to write a book. I wrote Whisper Cape in three months, but then spent four years rewriting and editing it. I wrote the first twenty pages of Reflections shortly after I’d written WC, but then put it aside so I could concentrate on WC.

Why do you write in the genre you’ve chosen?

I have always had a tendency to lean toward the strange and bizarre. My first favorite book as a little girl was the Littlest Witch. Nine times out of ten, I will pick a paranormal/romance or science fiction/romance book or movie over any other fiction.

If your book was made into a film, who would play your main characters, and why?

This is another no brainer for me. Gerry Briden, in both Whisper Cape and Reflections would be played by Gerard Butler. After all, he was the inspiration for my Gerry. My other lead character, Cael would be played by Henry Cavill.

If you could be a character from one of your books for a day, who would you be and why?

This is actually very easy to answer. It would most definitely be Addison. It probably wouldn’t be too hard, since there are many things about her that are so much like me. She a bit quirky and so am I, plus she thinks like me and sometimes says the wrong thing at the wrong time. But most of all, it would be awesome to hang out with Cael, because he is gorgeous, sexy and very well hung um endo… (sorry, got carried away) with very dark hair and sapphire blue eyes that I’m positive would keep me mesmerized. Okay, I admit it. I have a crush on my leading man. *blushes*

Who wouldn’t!? 😉 If you were deserted on a desert island, what three items couldn’t you live without?

A book by Nora Roberts, my glasses, and a hair clip.

I love your choices! So where can we find your novels?

All my novels are on Amazon. I say that like I have so many. LOL Some are in both print and e-book format and my short story collections are in e-book only.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have a young adult romance/destruction novel. It is called Allusive Aftershock if that could give you any indication. There is a major earthquake, triggering several other major earthquakes and all hell breaks loose as three teenagers struggle to survive and deal with all the aftershocks. They quickly discover that aftershocks come in many forms.

Here is the short blurb from Goodreads:

What happens when a major earthquake changes life as you know it and the boy you thought you hated ends up saving you? Three times!
Courtland Reese is the guy everyone hates and makes fun of because … well, he is weird. He communicates with animals. Strange or interesting, seventeen-year-old Adela Castielle can’t quite figure out but when he saves her from being trampled by her own horse, she begins to understand him a little better and wants to learn more about him.
But, Max, her best friend/dream guy/someday-to-be-her-husband-only-he-doesn’t-know it—yet, hates Courtland with a passion. Adela wants to know why, except both boys are very reticent about the whole issue.
When Max leaves her stranded in his parents’ wine cellar with his worst enemy, Courtland, after what the experts are calling a “megathrust” earthquake, Adela starts to question her loyalty to Max as steamy kisses in a dark damp cellar only fuel her emotions with more conflict.
But does she really have time to worry about that when fire, destruction and mayhem surround her?

You can find out more about Susan Griscom on Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and on her blog. Thank you for being here, Susan, any parting words?

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Miranda. I enjoyed all your questions. I hope everyone has a fantastic day.

And now for my review of Reflections!

Book Title: REFLECTIONS, A Whisper Cape Novel, Book 2
Series: Whisper Cape
Author: Susan Griscom, writing as Regan Walsh
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Amber Glow Books

Gerry has loved Maia from the very first moment he laid eyes on her and now that she’s pregnant with his child, he’s over the moon with happiness. Likewise, Maia is overjoyed about having Gerry’s baby, but when she starts seeing and hearing an old woman who warns Maia about the pregnancy, Maia starts to think she is losing her mind. But Maia’s nightmare has only just begun…

A most sought after beautiful woman, the talented lead singer in an up and coming rock band, sets her sights on Gerry determined to rekindle an old flame. But murder befalls the sleepy town of Whisper Cape once again, creating suspicion and betrayal, and a love once considered invincible, begins to crumble and fall apart.

Good Points

I loved how although this book carried on from the first one in the series (Whisper Cape), it allowed us to see a little more about other characters; focussing this time on Maia and Gerry. The writing was just as good as the first, and really made the world Susan Griscom has invented come to life. The beginning of the book jumped straight back into the mystery and magic as well, which I really liked. It didn’t drag on with a lot of backstory, but helped the reader to get straight into the story. The characters were well crafted and believable, and were very vibrant. You certainly wouldn’t forget them in a hurry! Everything is the story is carefully weaved together, drawing you closer and closer to the end, dropping little hints the whole way. It was full of twists and turns, but I never lost where I was going with the story. I really hope that there is another book soon on the horizon! Especially as it left me on the edge of my seat with the cliff-hanger ending that had me almost leaping from my seat and shouting “Nooo!”.

Bad Points

Nothing that I would call bad at all in this book. Maybe that I want more?? 🙂


This is a fantastic paranormal suspense book that does its job without the need for vampires and werewolves. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes that sort of fiction, but wants something different for once. Oh, and of course, reading the fabulous Whisper Cape beforehand as well! I really couldn’t put this book down, and it was a page-turner in the true sense of the word.

I give this novel….5/5 Stars! 

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  1. Thank you, Miranda, for the love post and review. You are a very special lady and I’m so glad you liked my books and agreed to host me for my tour.

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