Review of The Amelia Academy: Standards by Paul Mundane

Happy Weekend all! I hope you’re all having a good one, and that you Saturday is as sunny as mine is today! I bring you this weekend’s review, of The Amelia Academy: Standards by Paul Mundane!

Chris Stand was once Kid Standard, sidekick to the most powerful superhuman on the planet. Chris left it all behind him a decade ago, and had happily slumped into obscurity since then. Chris finds himself dragged again into the world of flights and tights, when an ex-villain offers him a teaching position at The Amelia Academy: a school for metahuman youth.

Old friends and enemies rise from Chris’ past. The line between hero and villain quickly blurs. Soon, Chris finds himself defending the academy from a plot to destroy the fledgling school before it can open its doors.

You can grab your copy here from Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Smashwords.

Good Points

I was sucked in from the first few pages, intrigued by the main character of Chris. From the first page, you got the feeling of bitterness and resentment towards his previous occupation. The story was very well-written, nothing skipping or being missed out in the excitement of the story-line. As you all know, I love character-driven books, and this one had more interesting characters than I knew what to do with! I loved that the characters were all so varied, and you could do so much with so many of them being superheroes or villains…but even the characters that weren’t were still engaging. I also thought it was good that a story like this could have been so cheesy, but instead the author has wrote this book in a very tongue-in-cheek style, with a hint of satire, which occasionally had me giggling. The storyline also had a good sense of grounding, this certainly wasn’t the usual ‘good guys always win’ attitude you normally would expect with a story like this.

Bad Points

There were a few typos and grammar mistakes within the book. Certainly not enough to stop me reading, but they were there so need a mention in the requirements of honesty. There were also a couple of points where the dialogue points between  characters were not always that clear, and it would have been good to see this made perfect. I also wished the book was longer! Although in fairness, that is not really a bad point. 🙂


I thought this was a clever take on a story that otherwise could have just been another fun story about superheroes and villains, but the author turned it into something funny and satirical instead, with a great storyline to boot. It kept me glued from the first page, and although it’s not my usual genre, I definitely enjoyed reading it! I cannot wait to see what this talented author comes up with in his next books in the series.

I give it……4/5 stars!


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