Review of Perfection Unleashed by Jade Kerrion

Good morning everyone! Nearly the weekend now, woot! But until then, let’s have another review, shall we? Today I am reviewing ‘Perfection Unleashed’, by Jade Kerrion…, on with the review!

Danyael Sabre spent sixteen years clawing out of the ruins of his childhood and finally has everything he wanted–a career, a home, and a trusted friend. To hold on to them, he keeps his head down and plays by the rules. An alpha empath, he is powerful in a world transformed by the Genetic Revolution, yet his experience has taught him to avoid attention. When the perfect human being, Galahad, escapes from Pioneer Laboratories, the illusory peace between humans and their derivatives–the in vitros, clones, and mutants–collapses into social upheaval. The abominations, deformed and distorted mirrors of humanity, created unintentionally in Pioneer Lab’s search for perfection, descend upon Washington D.C. The first era of the Genetic Revolution was peaceful. The second is headed for open war. Although the genetic future of the human race pivots on Galahad, Danyael does not feel compelled to get involved and risk his cover of anonymity, until he finds out that the perfect human being looks just like him.


You can grab your copy here at Amazon US, or here at Amazon UK.

Good Points

Now this not my usual genre to read, but I have to admit it is growing on me with Ms Kerrion’s book! I loved the idea, and thought it was a great idea in a new and original twist. I loved the action, twists and turns that were revealed in this book, and the book even throws us straight into one of the action scenes! It was fast-paced and vividly described, giving the reader barely time to stop for breath. The separate sub-plots of the story were well crafted together, although sometimes the writing seemed as though it could have been tightened up in places. The best part of this story had to be that it presented some very deep questions, presented in a clear fashion within the story. It opened up questions about our world even as it is now (despite the book being set 50 years in the future), our state of morals, our emotions, and even about our governments. I also loved the author’s imagination for the storyline, which was vivid and alive.

Bad Points

I felt that most of the characters were not believable enough. I love stories that are very character-driven, so I was disappointed that a lot of the characters seemed somewhat flat. Galahad was supposed to be a ‘perfect human’, but other than description of his appearance, there didn’t seem to be much showing me how he was perfect, and so I never got a feel for it. some of the character’s conversations seemed a little lacking in emotion as well. Another point was that the technical language could put off people who didn’t really have a grasp on it, and there was little set up and explained about it before it was thrown in. I will not be putting this against my score though, but just pointing it out, as people going for this genre likely will  have a grasp of it. The writing at times could be a little clunky in places, but this could easily be smoothed out.


I thought this was an imaginative and engrossing novel, with characters that needed tightening, but were also engaging to find out about. The storyline and idea behind the book was an interesting one, and that had me hooked more than anything else-this book was like X-Men if it had more serious issues about humanity, and was much more realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Dystopian/Sci-fi genres, and wants something new from it. I had a lot of tossing and turning over what score I would give this book, as the bad points really niggled at me, but the good points were very, very good. So after much mulling over, I decided to give this book a score I have not given, as I couldn’t give as low as 3.5 stars, but I didn’t want to go much higher. I would also like to note, that if the characters and niggling points were tightened up and polished, this book would more than easily be 5 stars, and I cannot wait to see what the next book from this talented author holds.

So I give this book…….3.75/4 stars!


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