Review of Raven-Bound by Karli Rush

Happy Hump Day all! Nearly Saturday, don’t worry… Now some time ago I reviewed my very good friend, Karli Rush’s book, ‘Crescent-Bound’, and loved it! So imagine how excited I was when I heard her second novel was out? That’s right, I also got Raven-Bound, as I loved Crescent-Bound so much, and it is today’s review book. So enjoy!

Alyssa and Marc are in love like no other crescent bound couple in history. All they want is to lead a simple life together, which unfortunately is not what fate has in store for them. A secret is being kept and this secret has found its way into the possession of a dark magick coven hidden below the already mysterious world of the witches who even now are among us.

Some secrets are not meant to be kept and so it is with the dark brotherhood of the raven, in their reach for control of the witch world they find the secret leads them in pursuit of the daughter and heir to the most powerful coven in existence. Once they possess her the real challenge is to keep her.

Being crescent bound has never been challenged like this before but the power of ice wields darkness and light, which will prevail, is the key to unlocking the secret that could put the entire world at risk.

Will Alyssa unravel her own secrets, and will dark magick again take her to he brink. How will they survive this twisted ride of evil and will all the pieces fit?

Warning: This book contains sex, naughty Language, graphic scenes, and Megan-ness.

You can grab your copy here at Smashwords, Amazon US, and Amazon UK!


Good Points

The gang are back! This books picks up where Crescent-Bound left off, and now they get to come over to my native country, England, woot! As this is the author’s second book, you can really tell that she is coming into her own ‘writing voice’, as the characters are even more well-defined, and they really leap off the page. The writing itself is smoother, and I was sucked in from the first page, and soon realised I had got half-way through the book when I had only meant to start reading it a little! The storyline is fast, and packed with twists and turns, magick and surprises. The dialogue is snappy as well, with plenty of things said that you immediately know are which characters as they speak. There is more sex scenes in this book, and last time I mentioned it was odd for a YA novel, but the author has informed me that it is for New Adult (17-21), so this is no problem. Oh, and they are HOT! The sexiness in this novel is so spicy you may need to take a cold shower after reading this-I’m just warning you! And the only thing I can add now, is……hurry up and write the next one, Karli!!! 😀


Bad Points

There were a few  errors in spelling and typos, but they were barely noticeable, and they in no way detracted from the story. The book was a lot cleaner and smoother than the first book, and is a lot more mellow. The other point-where is the next one, Karli!! I NEED more!



This is a fantastic second book in the trilogy, and only builds upon the first, devouring you once more into the magickal and twisted world of Alyssa and Marc, sucking you in and not letting go. This book is a roller-coaster of a ride, taking you through vivid, likeable characters, to hot sexiness that will make you blush if anyone walks past, to twists into darkness that will make you gasp out loud. Karli Rush has definitely excelled in her second book, and I can’t wait to see what the third book will hold for us.

I give this book…….5/5 stars!


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