Review of Venetia by Simon Barnes

Happy Tuesday all! At least it isn’t Monday any more, right? And there’s an even better reason to like Tuesday now, because I bring you…..another review of an awesome novel! Today I’m reviewing Venetia by Simon Barnes….


A chilling supernatural thriller played out amongst the evocatively conjured canals and alleyways of Venice, as spirits centuries old are re-awakened by the discovery of a mirror at an archaeological dig. And the archaeologists’ seven-year-old daughter is what these spirits need… 

Grab your copy of Venetia here at Amazon US, and here at Amazon UK!


Good Points

I loved the start of the story, I was hooked in immediately. The author left me just enough titbits to wonder straight away what on Earth could be going on! I loved that the story flitted between two timelines as well, the prologue set in 1508, and the present day set in 2011. The writing was fluid and clever, weaving in the supernatural elements of the story so cunningly, you never knew it was there until it jumped up on you. The descriptions were vivid and crisp, but not overly poetic. The characters were well-described and rounded out, and the main characters were very believable. And on top of all this, the supernatural elements were blended in perfectly, not gory or too fast, but enough that you got a little chill as you were reading.


Bad Points

The only minor bad point I would bring up , would be that the prologue started off a little choppy. It eased out further into the novel, and it wasn’t enough to put me off reading, but at the same time it disrupted the early reading flow a little.



This was an excellent supernatural thriller with elements of archaeology and religion giving it a dramatic feel.  It was a great read, and I couldn’t put it down until I had finished the last page! I loved that throughout the whole book I was questioning everything and everyone, trying to work out what was going on with every twist and turn. There were scandals and horrors as more and more of the story was revealed, and I couldn’t wait to turn every page to find out what else would happen. I loved this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read about the supernatural, but also wants an exciting thriller with twists and turns that will you gasp in shock at time.


I give this novel…….5/5 stars! 


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