Review of Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair

Good Monday people! Ugh, I know, Monday morning right? But cheer up, I have a new review for you! Today I am reviewing Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair…

All Cassandra Bick wants is to be left to get on with doing her job. But when you’re a Sensitive whose business is running a dating agency for vampires, life is never going to be straightforward – especially when there’s a supernatural war brewing in London, a sexy new bloodsucker in town and your mysterious, homicidal and vampire hating ex-lover chooses this moment to reappear in your life…

Witty, sharp and entertaining, Dark Dates is a heady mix of vampires, witches and werewolves – with the occasional angel thrown in – and introduces Cassandra Bick, a likeable heroine destined to join the ranks of fantasy’s feistiest females.

Good Points

The first point that made this book so enjoyable, other than the fact I love anything to do with the supernatural, was the humour. This is a book that isn’t afraid to laugh, both at itself and others. Several popular references in here, that acknowledged reading other vampires books or reading other vampire flicks were probably things the reader had done. And this isn’t  to mention that the book itself had a good string of snarky humour dotted without. This is not a book of passive heroes and heroines, the characters are sharp and dry,  and believable, for that matter. The writing flowed extremely well, and I was left reading for three hours without even realising the time had gone, I was so sucked in! (No pun intended).  I also loved the idea for the storyline, it was so original, and I’m surprised someone else hasn’t thought of the job that the main heroine has! I also thought the action scenes were written particularly well; so many writers shy away from them, but Sinclair does a great job of holding the action in tightly.

Bad Points

The only bad points were that it had the odd typo-there were a lot of ‘and’ rather than ‘an’, which occasionally made your eyes skip the sentences. This was a minor point though, and it didn’t detract from the story. I believe it may have been more of a slipped hand, rather than an actual mistake in spelling.


This was a deliciously different vampire book from the norm, and is the antithesis to novels like Twilight or the Sookie Stackhouse novels. It take a laugh at the genre and itself, all while presenting a novel that creates a darker world than our own,  with characters both good and evil, on both sides on the coin. The story was original and had me hooked from the first few sentences. The writing was vivid and flowing, written with a crisp, humourous style. I would recommend this book to anyone who longs for a vampire novel that will surprise for once, but still give an injection of romantic darkness.

I would give this novel………a firm 5/5 stars!



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