Review of That’s My Story! by G.H.Monroe

Morning all! Just a review today. I picked this up after talking to the author on Facebook; because as you all know, I’m nosy as hell. And I like to try and work out what’s going on inside your heads. And yes, some of you worry me. But on with the review! You can pick up your copy here at Amazon US, and Amazon UK, by the way.

Good Points

There are a good mixture of stories in this collection; some are more touching, some are thoughtful, and some are downright strange. But I enjoyed most of them, they reminded me a little of Roald Dahl’s ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ series. The stories are short, but there is enough information and description for the author to get across their message, which you feel is almost the point of these stories. It is a detailed look at human life, and the decisions that people make-occasionally getting their comeuppance! I thought the descriptions and dialogue were great, both well-paced and with vivid language.

Bad Points

I thought some of the stories were almost a little too short, such as ‘Road Rage’, where you barely had time to let the story sink in before it ended. It would have been nice to see these shorter stories fleshed out a little more to drawn the reader in further. Also occasionally some of the dialogue seemed to move very fast, such as in ‘Just Coffee’, which meant I was left re-reading a few parts again to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.


I thought this was a great collection of stories, one that had several stories that made you look up and go ‘Awww’, or occasionally ‘Whoa..’ The writing flowed very well, except where the dialogue seemed a little fast, and the descriptions were vivid and realistic without being too flowery or over-thought out. I liked how each story seemed to be an interesting thought that had been developed and drawn out to become a story carrying the same thought. This collection made for very interesting reading, and would be perfect to read in short bursts a few stories at a time.

I give it…..4/5 stars!


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