Interview with Sean McDevitt

Morning all! Today I have another great author interview for you, this time with Sean McDevitt, author of The Wizard Murders!

Sean McDevitt is a native Californian, now living in the Midwest with his wife, Robin. He is a videographer (the official videographer, in fact, for La Crosse Community Theatre), filmmaker (“A Day In The Life – Reimagined”), award-winning actor (Best Supporting Actor at the Wisconsin Association of Community Theatres Festival in February 2007, appearing as George in the La Crosse Community Theatre production of “The Women Of Lockerbie,” and also featured in the film “Fort McCoy” opposite Camryn Manheim and Lyndsy Fonseca), and self-published author (THE WIZARD MURDERS, a novel, and THE VELVET SOFA, a short story).

Hello Sean, nice to have you here!

You are, as well as an author, an actor! If you could have played any part in any film, what would it have been?


Boy, that’s a tough question. A REALLY tough question. But, honestly…this may seem an odd answer, especially since most of my stage work involves either musicals or serious drama, but I’m really a secret admirer of action/adventure movies. How I would have loved to have been Indiana Jones. (In the first and third movies; not the dreadful “Temple of Doom”, or that “Crystal Skull” nonsense.) People who know me are going to chuckle at that answer, but I’m serious- how I loved the grand sense of true adventure that those two movies had, and I always admired Indy’s devotion to his duties as an archaeologist and his relentless pursuit of what’s right.


Who wouldn’t want to be Indiana??? So your novel, The Wizard Murders, sounds really interesting. Can you tell us more about it?


Well, it takes us back to 1981, to a small town in California, several years before things like cellphones and the internet completely changed our lives -including the way we used to solve crimes. Our “hero”, Andrew Pitt, is a detective who very much wants to retire to where his brother lives, in Maine -but suddenly his town is gripped by a series of seemingly random and increasingly violent murders. Whoever the killer is, they’re so sophisticated that they don’t leave a fingerprint behind- just a dead body and -for some mysterious reason- an elaborate painting of a wizard. Pitt honestly wishes he could be out and away from this situation, but duty calls, and obviously the horrific nature of the killings forces him to stay and try and solve this thing. He finds himself trying to learn how to read things like star charts for clues, but the killings continue.


So what inspired this novel?


Well -and this is brought up in the context of the novel- in the early 80s, a wild and completely untrue rumor went around, claiming that Procter & Gamble had been putting a Satanic symbol on all of their products; it was a man-in-the-moon sort of an image, and a field of stars. Yes, that’s right- a few people actually believed that there was a Satanic symbol on their tubes of toothpaste, their jars of coffee, and their bottles of detergent. Sadly, Procter & Gamble had to eventually drop their logo because this stupid rumor wouldn’t stop. The fact was, they’d been using the logo for years and it had absolutely nothing to do with Satanism. Now when that all happened, I was a (very young) aspiring writer, and it fired up my imagination. I got to thinking, What if -just for the sake of argument- what if it WAS true? What kind of person would actually do such a weird thing, putting something like that out there for everyone to see? Well, the obvious answer was, only a lunatic would do something like that. And it rolled from there. And it took me only about 30 years to wrap it up!
Made me worried about my toothpaste…..Just kidding! So what books do you read? Do you read books in your genre, or books very different from it?


You know, it’s funny. What I’ve done to this point, and I think it’s going to remain this way for the immediate future, is strictly fiction. But by and large, I don’t like to read fiction! I actually prefer to read non-fiction, and Jon Krakauer is my favorite author.


When did you realise you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?


 I’ve been scribbling things down (like screenplays) since I was about 12. Seriously, no joke. One of the first things I ever really worked on was something called “Post Office!” My Dad and I had been obsessed with the totally bizarre humor of the “Airplane!” movie, and one day we saw a mail truck out on the highway with a couple of letters actually scrunched under its back door- letters whistling in the breeze, ready to fly off at any moment. And almost immediately the notion of a totally out-of-control post office came to mind, staying with that crazy humor the “Airplane!” movies had. I think we worked on that for a few weeks, and I guess “real life” must have stamped that fire out. But I still chuckle at what might have been.


Where can we find your novels?


Right now, THE WIZARD MURDERS and a short story, THE VELVET SOFA, are both available on Kindle and on NOOK.


And what can we expect to see from you in the future?


Well, my answer to that is always going to be, Something completely totally and utterly different. I refuse to become a genre writer. It was actually growing up listening to the Beatles that taught me that lesson -try your hand at EVERYTHING; you don’t have to write the same song (or book) over and over. Dare to be baroque.


As they say, if it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it! Okay, I’m sorry folks, I’ll stop with the bad jokes. Last question of randomness! If you could be a superhero (or villain!), what would your name be, and what powers would you have?


Well, uh…er…I AM actually THE Batman, but I’m not allowed to discuss it.


You heard it here first folks! But keep it a secret…..You can find out more about Sean McDevitt on Twitter, FacebookYouTube, and Goodreads. Thank you for being here, Sean, any parting words?
All I ask of anyone who reads my work is that they should come into it with a completely open mind- and heart.


Good words, it’s been brilliant having you here, Sean. 🙂


The year is 1981. The small California town of Beaumont is rocked by a series of seemingly random -and increasingly violent- murders. An aging detective tries to capture the elusive killer- but with so few clues, can anyone stop the killing? (NOTE: this edition has been revised and updated since its initial March 2012 release.)

“Sean McDevitt certainly has great potential to write very intriguing and involved thrillers and mysteries…I would definitely pick up the next write by McDevitt and gladly read it.” -Tenya Sharp Ingalls, O. Scarlett! Reviews

You can pick up The Wizard Murders here at Amazon UK, and here at Amazon US.
And also at Barnes and Noble!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Sean McDevitt

  1. What a great interview with an interesting author! The premise to “The Wizard Murders” is intriguing. Putting this one on my to be read list. Thanks, Miranda! You always find the neatest authors to highlight.

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