Review of The Nightmare Stone by Finian Black

The ultimate lucky break gives John Harris and his family the opportunity to fulfil their wildest dreams. But all dreams have a darker side, and John’s past is never far away, ready to reach through to cast its shadow.
One hundred years ago, their new home was the scene for strange events that cannot easily be explained.
As John feels his past draw ever nearer, he knows that he must face up to his deepest fears if he is to prevent history repeating itself.
And as the past and present collide, a force beyond his control or comprehension is looking for one, final battle.

*This review copy was given to me free of charge, no fees were charged for this review*


Good Points

Where do I start? I have fallen in love with this book, and Finian Black is officially one of my new favourite authors. There is no better tale than that of the haunted house and the forgotten memories that accompany it. One of the first things I loved about this book was that it built up slowly, really creating suspense. So many authors now rush into the story, due to readers complaining that there wasn’t enough action, but I prefer a slow build up, as it allows you to really sink in before you realise you’re stuck! I also loved how there was the tie-in of hag mythology and-Peter Pan! Which I feel is a wonderful move, as Peter Pan itself is such a dark story, and it was blended in perfectly. The characters were gripping, the descriptions were wonderful (especially the Edwardian parts, were the author has obviously done his homework), and the writing style was perfect, allowing the story to flow so well that it was drip-fed to you, pulling you along bit by bit. I also enjoyed all the twists and turns that were thrown into the story, keeping you guessing all the way, not to mention there were quite a few parts where I felt the hairs rising on the back of my neck!


Bad Points

None. Nope, not at all. And you know me, I will always find something, but I just couldn’t. The only possible bad point I can think of, which is fact not a bad point at all, is that if you don’t like a book to make you cry (without giving away where) don’t read it! 🙂



This is my new favourite ghost story, taking the place of my copy of ‘Rebecca’. The whole premise of this story appealed to me, with creative, clever writing, the effortless blending in of characters and fairy-tales, and the chilling storyline itself! I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a new kind of horror/ghost story, that is written in a style that wouldn’t look out of place amongst well-known Victorian ghost novels. (A very good thing.) I also thought the author’s acknowledgements at the end were very touching, and I can’t wait for the next novel to come out!

I give this book…..5/5 stars!



2 thoughts on “Review of The Nightmare Stone by Finian Black

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  2. Thanks Miranda for those kind words. Authors love positive reviews and it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. Next novel ANGELS OF WAR due in December.

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