Review of Dark Side of the Moon by Tami Parrington

In a world all its own music somehow manages to exist: something beautiful within the crazy, devious and often dangerous atmosphere of secrecy, lies and deceit. In this world, life is short and Gabriel Evans can feel his career slipping away, but he’s not sure why and he doesn’t know how to recapture the dream that started it all.

Kia Lambert is a woman on a mission. From outside looking in, the entertainment world is a glittering, glamorous place. Getting in isn’t easy, but she has a plan. A plan she may not live to regret.
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*I was given this review copy by the author free of charge*

Good Points

I thought the storyline was very original; I haven’t seen a lot of books use this idea for a romantic element, so I did enjoy the change of pace. I also thought that the author’s use of descriptions was very good; they allowed the reader to see the environments, without giving so much away that your imagination couldn’t imagine some of it itself. The overall story flowed very well, and it was easy to read. I also loved the few twists that were thrown into the story, and  I found myself reading for pages without noticing anything around me, as each new twist threw the story into another direction. Another great point was how accurate the author was with a lot of her knowledge of the music industry.

Bad Points

I found the characters very hard to relate to, which meant that I didn’t enjoy a lot of the book as I should of. I found Gabriel downright horrible at the beginning, and pretty much hated him for most of the book, and I found Kia okay until it turned out she was a stalker. I understand that the author meant for the characters to be like this for a reason, but it made it difficult for me to really get into the book, as I really just wanted someone to kick Gabriel’s arse.


I thought this was a pretty enjoyable read, and I loved the way the story was written, and the way that each twist was woven effortlessly into the novel. However, for me personally, I didn’t like the main characters all that much to start with, and this made it difficult for me to enjoy reading about either of them.
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a grittier version of a romance, and just generally a great story about the music industry that doesn’t go down the usual route.
I give it……4/5 stars!

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