Review of Evanescence by Alexandra Pelaez

Sometimes she’s Mercedes Strand; daughter of wealthy business owners, high school senior, star student, occasional gladiator in a one-sided mean girl brawl, and founder of the most successful women’s charities in the country. Other times she’s Countess; a master of cyberspace and code who helps abused women in ways Mercedes never could. But there’s no need to worry about developing MPD or anything because helping others is the ultimate goal. No matter the cost to herself.

Shadow isn’t like Mercedes. Apart from the fact that he’s a five-hundred-year-old vampire, he knows there is no escape from the torment and oppression he and his fellow Outcasts suffer under the ruthless elites of vampire society, yet hopes for something better. It’s a fool’s hope, so it doesn’t matter if he fatally provokes the elites even as he does their bidding. But the latest assassination attempt aims to deprive him of more than his life. Ambushed, tortured, and left for dead, his sense of honor is delivered the coup de grace when he nearly drains the life of an innocent girl to save his own. 

However, he soon discovers she’s more than just innocent. She knows what the elites will do to her if they find out she foiled their plans, and makes clear her desire to fight. A desire that’s infectious…along with her.

I was given this book to review by the author, to show alongside her giveaway. It was quite an enjoyable read, of around 50,000 words, and I’ve put up the good points and the bad points.

Good Points

I quite liked the characters. The main character, Mercedes, got on my nerves a little bit, as she was so goody-two shoes. But the author did inform me that she purposely wrote her this way for irony. I love Alexandra’s imagination, the storyline had so many different things going on, and there was a lot of action! I also liked her creature that she made up, the ‘Evanescence’ of the title. I thought her character descriptions were very vivid as well, which helped to really show what each character was like, even their most secretive thoughts.

Bad Points

I found the formatting of the book a little strange. Instead of using ***** for a scene change, the author used three ‘x’s, which unfortunately made the book seem less professional.  She also used the character’s names at the beginning of each section for them; although this a minor point, I just prefer it when each character is introduced using their story, so that I can work it out as I read. I also thought it was a shame that while the author built up the book and the storyline brilliantly for at least two thirds of the book, the ending seemed very rushed, as if the author wasn’t sure how to end the book.


I thought this was a very enjoyable read. Although the characters seemed stilted at times, and the action jumped too fast towards the end, it was a pretty good read. I would have liked to have seen this written out a little longer, perhaps into a full length novel, and I look forward to seeing more from this author.

I give it……3/5!

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