Interview with Pixie Lynn Whitfield

Hello everyone! I have another wonderful author featured on my blog today, one of my oldest writing friends, Pixie Lynn Whitfield! Pixie Lynn Whitfield is a debut Paranormal/Fantasy author from Texas with an unhealthy obsession to the strange and quirky. She is married with three step-kids, and when she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book. Pixie also loves history, tattoos, boots, and on occasion, a big bag of Skittles. If the show was real, she’d join the Winchester Hunting Club if she could and have endless adventures of hunting demons and other nasties with Sam and Dean on Supernatural.

Hi Pixie, it’s really great to have you here, welcome to my blog.

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. It’s really an honor to take part in this interview and I appreciate you asking! 🙂

First up, the random question as always! You love tattoos; what the most unusual and/or pretty tattoo that you have?

Well, this question actually may get me on the chatty side here. Haha! Yes, I do love tats. I have four currently, and there’s definite plans in the near future for more. I think I would have to say my most unique one would be on my upper left arm. It’s a tiger lily flower, and inside the petals is a night scene (stars and moons). I design all of my own tattoo artwork for specific meanings and originality. They make me me.

Wow, it sounds beautiful, tattoos should always be personal-oh, but, er…don’t get one kids, bad for you and all that…..oh, go and get one-I did! 😀 Okay, down to the proper questions now! When did you realise you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?

I realized it at a very young age. Probably around the same time I started reading. I remember reading books, falling in love with the stories, and having this intense desire to tell my own, too. I’d always had a vivid imagination as a kid, and even before I could write well enough, I was putting on plays, puppet shows, and skits with dolls to get the “stories” out of my head.

Would you ever consider writing in a different genre to the one you do now?

Yes, I would. Though I normally write in YA, Paranormal, and Horror, I have written some Dystopia as well. It’s pretty close to my main genres though, so I’m not going to count it as being too “different”. But I’m proud to announce that I do have another project in the works completely outside of my comfort zone that I’m shocked at how well it seems to be progressing. It’s a YA Contemporary Romance. Though it’s still in a YA category, it’s Contemporary Romance. Which means no supernatural creatures or monsters. A bit of unexpected for me, but I’m enjoying it. I like a casual change from time to time, and it does help me as a writer find my strengths and weaknesses.


I think you’re going be busy! Can’t wait to see them all though! Your first novel, Darkness Comes This Way, sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

On a short note: Zarah is a kick-ass Rogue hunter. She’s a Guardian, a special type of vampire on an elite team of hunters that are assigned to protect humans from Rogues–vampires lost to bloodlust. She deals with a haunting past from when she was Rogue once. But there’s something unique about her: no one else has ever cured from bloodlust before. She was the first known vampire to do so. It raises a lot of questions and speculation. Then she gets teamed up with Draven, and it adds more problems. Zarah’s brother–I might add is still Rogue–shows up with an announcement that changes everything. Darkness Comes This Way is packed with action and twists. Did I mention fallen angels, too?

So what inspired this novel?

I’ve always loved vampires. I really do write a lot of material that revolves around them. After a strange dream one night, I woke up and thought that the character from my dream would make a good character in a potential story. And then Draven was born. Later I saw a writing prompt for a one-word idea. The word was “insanity” and then the plot idea was born. I knew from the start I wanted something a little unusual from your typical vampires and typical fallen angels. I had no idea then that it would turn into a full novel, much less a trilogy, though. 🙂


It is always cool when a story begins to take on a life on it’s own. Where can we find your novels?

You can get Kindle format on Amazon. You can also find it on paperback through Amazon, The Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Guardians of the Night Book Two is due out in early 2013 (release date is expected around January). I also have two WIP projects–A YA Dystopian Horror and a YA Contemporary Romance with no set release date yet, but announcements may be made at a future time on those. Currently, Darkness Comes This Way is virtually touring on blogs, so be sure to visit! 🙂

Ooh, I’ll be sure to put the first tour stop at the bottom-everyone go and look! Last random question…if you could be any character from your book, who would you be and why?

I would be Thomas (well a female version perhaps?) because he’s loyal, smart, and very bluntly honest–though funny.

I’m glad you added ‘female verison’ I’m just kidding! 😀 You can find out more about the awesome Pixie Lynn Whitfield on Facebook, Goodreads, her blog, and on Twitter as @addiction2books. Thank you for being here, Pixie, anything else to add?

I believe that’s it from me! Thanks so much for your time and the great interview, Miranda! It’s been wonderful being a part of your blog. 🙂

It was wonderful having you here 🙂

Zarah Duncan is a Guardian. It’s an elite job that protects humans and the untainted vampires from the real monsters: those lost to the bloodlust. Rogues infest the city. Missing humans, unsolved cases…Zarah knows what the real cause is and she’s been trained since childhood to destroy them.

But she has a haunting past that catches up one day. Zarah was Rogue once, and until her, no one else has ever cured from the poisoned state of mind before. She’s been labeled a miracle, and the mystery only builds. She gets the awful feeling there’s more to it than just a lucky magical come-back. There are deep, dark secrets being kept. Maybe her boss Nathanial knows something? When she gets paired with a partner, Draven Kinsley, it only adds more difficulty. He hates her and swears that with a single look, she’ll poison him. To make matters worse, her Rogue brother has to show up, and he brings with him a shocking announcement. What Zarah learns from him rocks her entire world upside down. She not only begins to question who and what she is anymore, but it can possibly change the Vampire race forever.

The scary part: someone else knows too…and they’ll do anything to get her special blood, spelling disaster for the humans that Guardians have secretly been protecting for decades.

Vampires, fallen angels, war, betrayal, and romance fill this Paranormal/Urban Fantasy debut, the first book to a high-action trilogy.

And don’t forget to visit the first tour stop for Darkness Comes This Way at Thoughts of an Endless Dreamer  blog on June 12th!!!!!


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