Interview with Francesca Poggi

I’ve had quite a lot of author interviews on here now, and I thought it might be nice to mix them up with interviews of people who are the background and wings of many indie authors! So with that thought in mind, I would like to introduce one of my good friends, Francesca Poggi, who is the co-owner of Dark Mind Book Tours! Dark Mind Book Tours organizes tours for urban/dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and dark erotica books.


Hello Franny, it’s a pleasure to have you on my blog, welcome.

Hi Miranda, thank you very much for inviting me! I’m so excited!!


As always, a random question first! I know you love cooking almost as much as reading…if you were only allowed one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Ohh… that’s a tricky question! First of all, I never mentioned that I also have a food blog: So Good…So Franny! I share recipes (either made by me or the ones I like) and I talk about all things food. Unfortunately due to my busy life, it’s been kinda neglected, but I hope to start sharing stuff again soon! Now, back to the question… let me think for a minute… *after 5 minutes, Miranda looks at me impatiently* *yup, I really did, I actually went and finished War and Peace* Ok, ok… It’d have to be pasta. It’s not because I’m Italian, and there are many things that I like, but I could never live without pasta. And bread. And if this became a reality, I’d be the most obese woman in the world…


Mmmmmm….bread…..*drool* Oh…er, sorry everybody! Kind of forgot you were there for a moment! Moving back on topic, you have your own blog, Mind Reader, which review books, among other things. What are your favourite genre or style of books to read?

The basic one is Urban/Dark Fantasy. Then I love paranormal romance. I also read YA books, but there has to be something paranormal to it. Although I prefer New Adult books. I also read Dark Erotica, which is very peculiar, because unfortunately people don’t understand what DE really is. Of course there is sex, but it’s twisted, and people always confuse it with erotica paranormal. I know, I have a twisted mind =D Oh, and I also love Historical Romance. And Manga. I could go on and on with the manga comics I read. You could say I have a bit of a nerd-gene inside.


You must need plenty of shelf space then! What made you start your blog?

It’s a long story. I’ve been blogging on & off since 2009, but it was not something I was constant with. I wasn’t in a happy place and I was into a world that it’s now something I don’t care about anymore. Technically, it was Prince William & Kate’s wedding that made me start blogging seriously again. Their wedding made me think what I really wanted to do with my life and I realized that I needed a big change in my life. Books have always been my rock, so I decided to start a book blog. Well, I don’t always talk about books in there, but they are the main focus.


Well, we can thank the royal couple for your great website then! I’ll wait for our invite to the palace to arrive. 🙂 Apart from having a really cool site, you also do book tours on Dark Mind Book Tours with the lovely Silvia. What was your first book tour like?

Thank you for asking! Our first book tour was for In My Dreams by the awesome Cameo Renae. We were very excited and the tour was great. Since then we’ve had several other tours and now we are getting very popular on the web. We’re now accepting tour requests for the summer, so authors out there, come book a tour with us! We offer stress-free tours and lots of fun! Also, we’re introducing a new package soon, so keep an eye on our site!


*Seriously, go and keep an eye out, their tours are AWESOME. I mean it! Go on!* So if you could do one other job with books, what would it be?

Sell them. I have to be honest, I thought about starting a publishing company a few times, and also the thought of being an editor crossed my mind too. But I get bored easily, and since I know myself very well, I know I don’t have the will to be an editor or a publisher. My dream is to own a little bookshop in a small town, where I can organize book signings & events and be happy for the rest of my life 🙂


What can you offer authors or publishers coming to your blog?

At the moment, I had to put on hold review requests, as my schedule is so full that I don’t have time to do anything, also to be fair to both authors & publishers, as I don’t want them to wait months before I can read their books. However, recently I introduced advertising options on my blog. You can find more info on this page  I want to give indie authors the chance to get known, so I offer three choices.


So where can we find you on the big old internet?

Oh, dear, I can be found everywhere! Besides my blog, I’m also on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (authors, come befriend me!), Book Blogs, Networked Blogs, you can find my email on my blog, and as of a few weeks, I can also be found on Pinterest.


Okay, last random question! If you could be a superhero, what power would you have?

Superhero? Well, I’d love to have magic powers, but what it would be really cool, is to read minds. And move objects with it. And be a kick-ass in combat. I don’t know! Can I be a superhero with all the powers in the world? =D


No! That would be cheating…..You can find Franny and Silvia on their great blog, Dark Mind Book Tours, and you can find Franny’s blog, Mind Reader here. Thank you for being here, Franny, any parting words?

Thank you Miranda again for having me on your blog, and thank you readers for making it to the end of this interview, with all my ramblings! I hope you’ll be nice & come visit me on my blogs!

Lovely having you here 🙂


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