Interview And Giveaway With Alexandra Pelaez

We have a real treat for you today folks! Not only do we have an interview with the wonderful Alexandra Pelaez, author of Evanescence, but we are also having a giveaway of 5 copies of her ebook! She has been stuck in Florida for as long as she can remember, and much as she would love to see snow sometime in the future she is happy as can be. She is  a Liberal and Progressive, but also well aware that corruption is always inevitable in politics which explains her strong Machiavellian streak. Since she discovered her passions will always lie in the arts a few years back, she has been teaching herself how to draw and is currently training to be a concert pianist and composer. Her favorite author will always be Matthew Stover, but like the common geek she is a huge fan of Tolkien, Rowling, George R.R. Martin, and Orson Scott Card. Her favorite show is “The Vampire Diaries” (something she never expected, really, REALLY hoping they never jump the shark), and her favorite movie is a balance between Crash(2004) and The Dark Knight.

Her cat is lord and master of the universe.

Hi Alexandra, it’s great to have you here, welcome to my blog.

Thanks, Miranda. Great to be here!

Random-ness first as always in my interviews! You say that your cat is lord and master of the universe, (although I’m pretty sure my cat might argue with that! 🙂 ), what’s the craziest thing he’s ever made you do?

It was a dark and stormy night…no, it really was. Rain poured and lightning flashed overhead; ready to fry any poor unfortunate that happened to cross paths with it. Over the incessant crashes and booms my cat clawed at the windows and cried to be let in. I could have been killed, paralyzed, brain dead or any number of horrible things. But I went out into the elements, rounded around the house, called to him, and let him in. What? My cat looks like Puss in Boots from Shrek. Could you turn down a face like that?

Certainly not! My cat normally combines that face with the ‘I’m-a-kitten-again-look-at-me’ roll-over onto the stomach.  So when did you realize you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?

I think I was seven when I took a direct interest in writing. I tried writing novels to all my favorite Disney movies and wrote fan fiction for The Land Before Time. (I loved those films!) Even as I write my own original stories I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing fan fiction. My inspiration? I’d have to say my love of stories is so great it compels me to tell/write my own.

I love the name of your novel, Evanescence, any connection to the band? 🙂

Hell, yeah! My dad gave me the idea to include a lethal alien race that can erase people from existence. I remembered that “Evanescence” means to fade away, so that’s what I ended up calling them. And the band is freakin’ awesome. Amy Lee has the most beautiful voice in the world!

Evanescence is one my favourite bands too, loved them since they came out. Now, your novel, Evanescence, sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about it?

So as not to avoid major spoilers, it contains ruthless vampires, a female protagonist who would rather kick ass with her brain instead of her fists, a story of star-crossed lovers, and an evil, string-pulling villain.

Wow, it certainly sounds like it’s going to very action-packed! So what inspired this novel?

My loathing of sexism and my love of satire. I could write pages on the satirical elements I included, but I’ll just tell you about one for now. I haven’t encountered a single paranormal romance author who doesn’t want her audience to think her female lead is good/compassionate/an ideal role model when in reality she’s brainless/needy/a complete bitch. To mock this, I wrote Mercedes to be so good and pure it’s utterly Mary-Sueish. But at the same time I still portray her as a human being that (and her vampire boyfriend) greatly values her humanity and is repulsed by the thought of becoming a vampire. So, the satire is mostly based on irony and over the top elements of what people expect paranormal romance to be.

Where can we find your novels?

Amazon only for I sold my soul to KDP Select.

Haha, me too! Meet you down there? They have cookies on the KDP…er…Dark side. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on an adult dystopian/sci-fi novel titled “Like Wax Under Flame.” A short story based off the novel is available at smashwords for free. It’s going to be part of a series titled “Kinesis” so I plan to alternate between it and “Evanescence.” Once “Like Wax Under Flame” is written I’ll start the fourth volume of “Evanescence.”

Can’t wait! Last random question…if you could be any supernatural creature, what would you be, and why?

A Bene Gesserit from Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles. If I were one I could control every muscle and nerve in my body and probably run on water if I wanted to. That would be awesome to end all awesome!

You can find out more about Alexandra Pelaez on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you for being here, Alexandra, any last interview words?

Other than that it was great to be here and please check out my book? Nada. Have a great day! 🙂

Now for the fun part! You can enter to win a free copy of Alexandra’s new ebook, Evanescence, as she is giving away 5 copies! Simply fill out the form below, and the 5 winners will be drawn on Saturday 23rd June.

Sometimes she’s Mercedes Strand; daughter of wealthy business owners, high school senior, star student, occasional gladiator in a one-sided mean girl brawl, and founder of the most successful women’s charities in the country. Other times she’s Countess; a master of cyberspace and code who helps abused women in ways Mercedes never could. But there’s no need to worry about developing MPD or anything because helping others is the ultimate goal. No matter the cost to herself.

Shadow isn’t like Mercedes. Apart from the fact that he’s a five-hundred-year-old vampire, he knows there is no escape from the torment and oppression he and his fellow Outcasts suffer under the ruthless elites of vampire society, yet hopes for something better. It’s a fool’s hope, so it doesn’t matter if he fatally provokes the elites even as he does their bidding. But the latest assassination attempt aims to deprive him of more than his life. Ambushed, tortured, and left for dead, his sense of honor is delivered the coup de grace when he nearly drains the life of an innocent girl to save his own.

However, he soon discovers she’s more than just innocent. She knows what the elites will do to her if they find out she foiled their plans, and makes clear her desire to fight. A desire that’s infectious…along with her.


The giveaway has now ended, thank you to everyone who entered! The winners will be contacted shortly!



2 thoughts on “Interview And Giveaway With Alexandra Pelaez

  1. Great interview! When I first saw the title of your book, I too though of the band. Amy Lee’s voice is amazing and even through all the changes to their line-up I can’t hate any of their music.

    I’m going to go grab the story you have over on Smashwords now 🙂

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