Interview With Nicola Rhodes

For Wednesday’s interview, I have the very talented Nicola Rhodes with me! She is the author of the Tamar Black Saga and the SCI’ON Trilogy (so far) – often can’t remember where she lives so she lives inside her own head most of the time, where even if you do get lost, it’s still okay. She has met many interesting people inside her own head and eventually decided to introduce the rest of the world to them, in the hopes that they would stop bothering her and let her sleep. She has been doing this for ten years now, but they still won’t leave her alone. When she is bored she also paints, draws and makes things out of egg-boxes and is trying to learn the guitar (because musicians are sexier than authors and they make more money). She likes chocolate and vodka (well you never know – someone might take the hint) She is married to the long suffering Mike who lives in an old Vicarage in  Derby – England because he is not crazy (well not much anyway) and they have three girls between them. She wrote these books for fun and does not care if you take away a moral lesson from them or not.


Hi Nicola, it’s great to have you here, welcome to my blog.

Hi Miranda, thank you for having me, it’s nice to be here.


First up, the random question as always! You say that you live in your own head mostof the time-tell us what it looks like?

Hahaha, are you sure you want to know? Like a cross between the casting for an over-ambitious fantasy movie and a funfair, which is not as much fun as it sounds.


Wow, sounds crowded! When did you realise you wanted to be a writer? Do you remember what inspired you?

Itwas about ten years ago, I suppose. I was never one of those kids who ALWAYS wanted to be a writer, even though I did write, all the time. Djinnx’d began with a simple wish. I wanted a better life and could see no way ofgetting one. I had a brass genie lamp on my hearth and thought if I could only have three wishes, I would wish for the power to lift myself out of poverty and ill health. That seemed simple enough. To grant your own wishes (so to speak)for the rest of your life.

But of course, for a story it couldn’t be that simple. Wishes always have a catch, and so the story of Tamar and her three wishes was born.

After that, she became so real to me that her adventures couldn’t possibly stop there! My imagination had been let loose.


I’d have wished for more wishes. Does that ever work? Never mind, ignore me….Would you ever consider writing in a different genre to the one you do now?

Oh yes, absolutely. I already have the premise for a Gothic Horror novel floating around in my (slightly addled) head, and if it works out as I hope, there will be a sequel to that. Maybe I will end up changing my preferred genre for good.Who knows?


*Gasps* Competition? I challenge you to a dual! Actually, scratch that, you’re safe for now. 🙂 Your first novel, Djinnx’d, sounds very interesting though. Can you tell us more about it?

Djinnx’d is a comic fantasy about a girl who accidentally becomes a Djinn when she makes the wrong three wishes. Five thousand years ago, she was a teenager with not much on her mind beyond boys and clothes. Now she is a five thousand year old Djinn bent on vengeance. By wishing for phenomenal powers, she ended up as a slave instead – a genie in a bottle. And she is determined that if she ever regains her freedom, the Djinn who trapped her, will pay the price.

Enter Denny, a man so boring he needs a charisma transplant just to be Clark Kent. But it is he who takes on Tamar’s challenge, finds Askphrit and frees Tamar – forever. Heroes are found in the strangest places. They end up on a quest to find the guilty party and … but I am not going to tell you how it ends.


Aw! *stops scribbling in notepad* So what inspired this novel?

Apart from the above mentioned desire to sort out my life, I guess I was inspired by reading more than anything. I have always been a voracious reader and, at that time, I was just getting into the works of Terry Pratchett and Tom Holt – courtesy of my Father – it seemed like a fun way to write, so I thought I would give it a try. I never expected, at that time, to publish. I wrote for release, for fun and for myself. It was not until I had written four books about Tamar, and the few people who had read them told me to publish, that it even crossed my mind.


Good taste! Where can we find your novels?

You can find all my published novels on Amazon in the Kindle store and in paperback at I am happy to do signed copies for anyone who contacts me through my website and there are also epub versions of all my books on there for the Nook ereader.


What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Apart from a nervous breakdown? I am definitely keen to try my hand at the aforementioned gothic horror, and I have a number of other fantasy novels on my mind. One about the faerie realm and a more supernatural type – featuring a ghost. But before that, I have the spin off series from the Tamar Black novels to finish as well as my Fantasy/SciFi cross genre Trilogy. Nervous breakdown here I come.


Not while you’re on my blog, we haven’t got the insurance! Last random question…you love both chocolate and vodka, but if you could only have one for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Oh chocolate – no contest. I have an additive personality, vodka on its own sounds too dangerous.


Ummm… you think anyone will one day make chocolate vodka? You can find out more about Nicola Rhodes on Facebook , Twitter, her website and on her blog.Thank you for being here, Nicola, anything else to add?

Did I mention the chocolate? I am just glad you didn’t ask me whether I would rather give up chocolate or writing for the rest of my life. Now that would be a conundrum!


Now why didn’t I think of that question? You can find Nicola’s books at Amazon US (click here) and UK (click here), and also here at



What would you wish for if you were offered three wishes? When Tamar, found a dirty old bottle in the river and released an ancient and powerful Djinn, she decided to go for the big one, the ultimate wish to end all wishes.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Djinnx’d …

… or Jinxed by a genie, which is what happens to Tamar when she is tricked into taking the genie’s place in the bottle.

Good – in that she now has phenomenal cosmic power Bad – in that she is now the slave of the bottle for the next several eternities.

But eternity is cut short when she meets Denny. At first he seems just the latest in a long line of human masters, but it soon becomes apparent that he is no ordinary master when he declares his intention to set Tamar free from her bondage – no matter what the cost. He has no idea what he’s let himself in for. Witches, mermaids, houris a homicidal Djinn and a mad forest god with a superiority complex and that’s not the half of it …

What can kill a Djinn? If Denny can’t answer this question in time then it will all have been for nothing.

Excerpt from Djinnx’d;

In the beginning, there was the word. (Actually, there were two words.) And the words were “System Ready” because it was. And the programmers saw that it was good. Not as good as it could have been, because the bosses upstairs had only given them a week to build the program. So the universe was something of a rush job in the end, but deadlines were deadlines and it would just have to do. So they pushed “Enter” and the screen flashed up “Mainframe universal systems online” And underneath that > “Which file?” So, the programmers accessed the stellar matrix and switched on the stars. And the void was filled. And the programmers saw that it was good.

So they left mainframe, which could pretty much run itself now anyway, and went home for their tea. After all, it was Sunday, and the bosses had temporarily vetoed the file for time and a half on weekends. And it was on the weekends that some pretty interesting new files were created that the programmers completely missed. A good example of this was the “magic” or “virtual reality” files. By the time the programmers realized what had happened within mainframe, the error was too large to correct. Magic was an integral part of the system,

One of the worst type of magic files that had been created were the Djinn files. In order to try to sort this one out the programmers demanded, and got, their time and a half weekend pay. Even management could see that they would have to back down on this one. Even so, the problem was only partly resolved in the end. However, the programmers felt that they had it under control. There were around twelve hundred Djinn files to be amended. That is a lot of work in anyone’s book. Perhaps it’s no wonder that they missed one.

In the beginning, there was the word. And the word was “Error” And that explains a lot, doesn’t it?


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