Stork, Eyes Back To The Front!-And My Book Tour!

Ugh…I feel like I need one of those old-fashioned teachers right now, one of the ones who snap the desk with their ruler, and make you carry on with your writing. Why? Because I was staring out of the window at that tree, Sir.

I hate it when I have days like this. Ones where I have to force myself to write because I’ve hit a stump. With me it’s not so much that I can’t think of anything, but that there is so much I can think of, I don’t have time to write it all down. Anyway, with that moan out of the way…


Caps lock a little too much? Never mind, you spotted it right? 🙂

Yup, the lovely ladies from Dark Mind Book Tours, Franny and Silvia are organising my book tour which will run from June 4th, to June 8th, so make sure you put it in your diary! I mean it, I see some of you not scribbling it down there! Not that it sounds like I’m forcing you or anything…lol! There will be interview, reviews, and even giveaways…who says you don’t get something great free? Anyhoo, here is the wonderful banner that Silvia has put together for me…

And you can check out the details of the tour by clicking here….

I’m pretty excited about it, probably more than I should be, but this is the first time I’ve ever done a book tour, so it’s all a new experience for me. And despite the slightly, err…threatening invite I’ve jsut sent you all above, I honestly would love it if you could make some time to have a peek along some of the stops on the tour. 🙂

So in celebration of the tour, I thought today I might do something a little different, a sort of creative exercise. I’m going to do a character interview of Conner…..and Erin on Thursday, maybe give you a little insight into their characters-you have been warned!

Character Interview-Conner-*warning, spoilers!*


Name: Conner

Age: around 2000 years old or more

Protector of Erin, and all round good-guy-but-werewolf.


Hi Conner, it’s great to have you here.

Yeah, it’s good to be here…although I’m pretty sure I should go and find Erin, it’s not safe for her to be on her own for long.

Oh, never mind about her! I’m sure she’ll be just fine…so what would you say were your greatest qualities?

Well, I’m pretty old, so I’m sure I’ve got a great pension somewhere…I’m a great listener, and I’m very charming…err, even if I do say so myself. Also, I’m an animal in bed! *winks at me*


Why are you blinking like that? Have you got something in your eye? And what would you say were your greatest weaknesses?

Isn’t it obvious? I’ve got none! No, that’s not completely true, I do have schizophrenic tendancies…but that’s nothing when you’ve got the problems I’ve got. Mother gone awol, father a vicious lunatic, werewovles after Erin…but I’m going off topic. I guess another weakness is Erin actually, I just can’t stop my fangs sliding out every time I see her.

Err…okaaaay. That’s kind of weird, but whatever floats your boat, I guess! So, you’re a werewolf? What’s that like? I suppose there has to be a full moon?

Funny, I remember someone else asking me that not long ago…It’s quite usual for me now, has been since I was eighteen. Full moon? Sometimes, surprisingly, yes. I can control it though. Sometimes I can do it when I’m very hungry, or if I’m threatened, to enable me to fight, or sometimes…sometimes, when I’m very sexually frustrated. *winks again*


Okay, I’m going to get you some water for that eye. *I get up and grab an eggcup of water, throwing it in Conner’s eye. He shouts, and screws up his face a lot, which pretty much means it’s working* And will you stop with the sex jokes! We get it, you’re hot!

Why, thank you. *still blinking in shock* I guess I am. *grins; I nearly melt*

So what attracted you to Erin?

She reminds me of a girl I loved a long time ago…a girl who looked exactly like her. And sounded like her too. I don’t remember her being as sarcastic though. But I like that about her. I prefer a girl with spark, with a little bit of fire in her belly.

I’m sagittarius? And I once set fire to that sofa. But we won’t talk about that now. I’m told you make a mean fry-up as well-well actually, Erin told me. Any other delicious meals you can whip up? Apart from yourself, I mean.

Haha, you’ll get in trouble saying things like that. I sort of like a lot of raw meat. The fry-up isn’t very often for me. I mean how else could you build muscles like these on fry-ups? *whips top off revealing a wash-board stomach and firm muscles, several ladies passing outside faint; one of them collapses against the window. Nice.*

Okay, well I’m going to have to wrap this up now, Conner, I need to clean the windows…but thank you for being here, and I hope we learn more about you in ‘CONNER’.

Oh, I’m sure you will. Not to mention my secret about Fil…oops! Forget I said anything! Bye ladies!

Okay, well…I guess he’s gone. I hope my interview with Erin on Thursday will go a little  better. And don’t forget that tomorrow we have an actual interview, with the very real Liz Long, author of Gifted, so make sure you take a look! 🙂



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