Interview with Cassidy Kingston

Well today I have my first interview with author, Cassidy Kingston! Cassidy is a married mother of three with multiple degrees in subjects that relate nothing to what she writes about. She loves animals,books and chocolate. (who doesn’t?) She currently lives somewhere in the great state of Alabama where she tries really hard not to melt during the summer. She is a self proclaimed geek and a southern belle that loves writing about things that make other southern belles blush. She currently has two novellas out; Taste of Love, and Scent of Desire.


Hi Cassidy, it’s nice to have you here, welcome to my blog.

Thanks for having me!


Okay, random question first, you say you are a self-proclaimed geek, what is the geekiest thing you own or do? 🙂

A few weeks ago my oldest son had to do an assignment for biology. He needed to draw an animal and label it with its scientific name and common name. Well, he was getting ready to get on the computer. I was reading a book and stopped reading and said, “Well you can use the ring necked snake, diadophas puntatus. Or the American bullfrog Bufo Americana…or the spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum.” I looked up from my book and my entire family was staring at me with their mouths hanging open.  Then my husband said, “Who the hell knows that kind of stuff off the top of their head?” My oldest son replied, “a geek, that’s who.” By the way, he used the ring necked snake and got a 100 on the project, so having a geeky mom paid off.

I also love going to Dragon *Con (I’ll be there this year so look for me) and I plan on dressing up this year as a steampunk vampire. And this past weekend I dressed my youngest son in a Marvel tee shirt and made the whole family take me to see The Avengers for mother’s day.


Well, that’s certainly better than getting a card with too much glitter on it! So first real question, why did you decide to start writing?

I’ve always loved to read, and a few years ago my husband and I were talking and I mentioned that since I read so much, maybe I could write something. He kind of smirked and said, “Ok honey whatever you want to do.” I started writing a little here and there when I had time but never felt I was actually doing anything worth reading. At the time I was writing a YA thriller. Once I started writing paranormal erotic romances it all just clicked. My husband was shocked when I got my first contract and almost passed out when I got the next two. I call him my “nonbeliever”. He was always supportive; he just thought it was a hobby that would never go anywhere.


That’s brilliant, it just shows you that if you keeping going at something, you will get there. So what did you do before you got immersed into the world of vampires and demons? 

I don’t think there was a time I wasn’t into the paranormal. In high school I did my Senior book report on Carrie…and presented it the day before prom.

Haha, I bet that got a few raised eyebrows! 🙂

I’ve always watched horror movies and my favorite author is and always will be Stephen King. My most recent obsession (according to my family it is an obsession) is True Blood. I have a table in my very nicely decorated “Formal” living room that is full of magazines with True Blood covers. Not to mention the two bottles of Tru Blood on my dresser in my bedroom. There are many other paranormal creatures in my stories its not just vampires and demons. In the series there will also be an angel of death, and psychic and a shape shifter. And maybe a siren…not sure on that one yet.


Well, who doesn’t need a few bottles of Tru-Blood on their dresser-you never know who might drop by! Where do you get your ideas from?

I got the idea for my current series of short stories when I overheard a group of teenage girls talking about how it would be “totally awesome” to be a vampire. So I wrote the story of Laken and how much she was disappointed that being a vampire was not what the books and movies promised. Since I named that short story Taste of Love I decided to do one based on each of the five senses. My second story, Scent of Desire actually was started a few years ago as a story of a teenage serial killer. I’ve always had a very vivid imagination so I always have strange ideas floating around in my head. It can be kinda scary at times.


I know what you mean, those voices can get kind of loud…err….*ahem* I mean, are there any people from real life sneaked in as characters into your novels?

There are a few people from my real life in my works. Some characters have physical attributes of people I know and some just have their names. Hayden from Taste of Love is named after one of my sons’ coaches. And Callie from my third short story Touch of Pleasure (out in August) is named after one of my best friends. I will leave it a mystery as to who I base the physical descriptions on. I don’t need everyone know who I’m checking out for my characters.


Of course not! But if you ever see Cassidy staring at you and scribbling down notes, you know what she is doing. *winks* *Cassidy shakes her head profusely in horror, and stares out of the window* Okay, okay, I was only kidding. Moving on, your latest book, Scent of Desire, sounds really interesting; could you tell us a little more about it?

Well as I said earlier, it actually started out as a teenage serial killer story. But I fell in love with the idea of a scent tracker demon and decided it needed an adult spin. Aiden is a scent tracker demon, meaning he can track people by their scent. He can smell people’s emotions. He is hired to find a young woman who has run away because she is being framed for the murder of her ex fiancé. Once he finds Alden her scents really draw him to her. The one thing I loved about writing this short story was developing the scent tracker demon. The idea that emotions have smells really interested me.  I’m working on an idea for a novel length story using scent tracker demons.


I love that idea; sort of like the idea of people who can see colours when they hear sounds. So where can we find your books?

They are available though my publisher at you can also find them for Kindle at Amazon, for the Nook at Barnes and Noble and on All Romance Ebooks.


What can we expect to see from you in the future? Any more books in the mill?

There will be a total of five short stories in my “Five Senses” Series. Touch of Pleasure will be out in August and Sound of Passion and Vision of Ecstasy do not have release dates yet. I have a novella on submission and am currently working on a novel length contemporary Romance…and that is giving me fits, I’m sure it will end up with some paranormal aspect to it. And you can always follow me on Twitter to keep up with what I have going on. I am very active on there.


One last question, who would easily be hotter-vampires? or demons?

Well I am totally a vampire girl, I would easily leave my husband if Eric Northman was real (and was actually Alexander Skarsgard) … but I do love my scent tracker demon….


You can find out more about Cassidy Kingston on Facebook and on her blog. Thank you for being here, Cassidy, it’s been great talking to you, I hope you can come back soon. And keep an eye out for Eric….;)


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