I’m In! And Other Random Warblings…

First of all, the picture is just both cute and funny. That’s it, nothing at all to do with this post. 🙂

Well, as an answer to my post yesterday, I’ve decided to make my book available for free download on a weekend coming up soon-I still ahven’t decided exactly when, but I’ll be letting you know, so look out for it!  There is another lovely author who is on Goodreads, Terry Tyler, who has been giving me some great advice, so I deciced to just bite the bullet and go ahead with it.

So I’ll be letting you all know how it goes!

Also, I want to doubly remind everyone that I will be posting up my interview with the lovely Cassidy Kingston, asking her all about her newest books, geek-iness, and whether vampires really do have the edge of werewolves! She really is an interesting person as well as a great author, so make sure you take a look at it!

Now on a completely unrelated note, I had someone ask me the other day about my books. As I always do, I gave them my pitch about the book, and explained that it is paranormal romance/fantasy, depending on who I’m talking to, and they asked, “Have you ever wanted to write anything in a different genre?”

I had a good think about it, because I have often wondered if I would like to have a go at writing something in a different genre. Believe it or not, I would love to write something comedic. ButI wonder if I would be able to. See, when I start writing a story, I always have the basic story, and the basic characters. Then I like to sit down and write, and see where it goes. And 9 times out of 10, my story usually takes a paranormal turn. It’s almost as if it’s built into me to write that sort of genre.

So can we choose to write in a different genre if we really want to? Several well-known authors have done this successfully-one of my favourite authors, Agatha Christie, famously wrote crime thrillers, but she also wrote romance under the pseudonym  Mary Westmacott. Butwhat about the large majority of authors? Do you feel you could write in a diffferent genre if the fancy took you? Or do you feel as though your current genre is hard-wired into your writing?


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