Just an Update

Yawn! I am tired today! And no, before you ask, I haven’t been hurdling jumping or running after cars, I’m just lazy. It’s strange that whenever I don’t do much in a day, I feel more tired than if I had actually been doing something exhaustive.

But moving on….I got my first blog review of Conner! It was done by Paula Philips, of The Phantom Photographer blog, and was (happily!) favourable! Here is a small piece of the review here, along with a link.

“…A fast paced novel that keeps readers entertained and has not only Werewolf storylines but also pyschiatry sprinkled throughout...”


So that made me a little more perked up yesterday! But today I’m sat on my own again, slobbing around, as my partner has had to go away on another business trip. I can’t wait until they invent those little buttons on a belt; you press them and you instantly end up another country, room, or wherever you need to be, before pressing the button again, and coming back. Will make travel much faster. It’ll probably make travel sickness worse though. 😀

I also got the trailer for Conner up on YouTube, it’s not amazingly long, but I like it. (Mind you, I’m biased). You can take a look at it here-


Plus, I’ve been doing lots for Erin, getting giveaways and reviews ready for its release in early September 2012.

So this isn’t an especially long post, but I’ll get another one up later today, or early tomorrow, and I’m tired! (sulks like a tired toddler.)




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